CastorX intends to operate 3-4 projects on a continuous basis in different stages of development and construction. CastorX has secured access to develop one project and identified, analysed and started discussions with and presented project ideas to local authorities concerning several promising projects with potential to be developed in line with the business idea.
CastorX will endeavour to maintain a high degree of flexibility as regards divestments of projects. The timing is determined by the potential of achieving the best possible return in relation to risk and can occur from the point in time of Permission of Construction up until the end of construction when residential and commercial properties are sold to end users or investors. In each project, management will commence investigating the possibility of a divestment already in the period after land and basic permits are secured.
The founders of the Company have developed up to Permission of Construction and have sold a residential property project including a golf course in Tsarskoye Selo, located 25 km to the south of St. Petersburg. The residential areas will consist of around 140,000 sq. m. in the first phase of the project. This project was not owned by CastorX.


Value-Added Process



CastorX will achieve its objectives by;

  • Further developing strong local networks with key market players and governmental authorities in Russia
  • Securing exciting prospects with large development potential using beneficial acquisition and financial structures
  • Developing prospects along focused concepts
  • Building and managing a strong and trustworthy brand name
  • Building a competent and efficient organisation complemented with external expertise which can make rapid investment decisions and quick implementation
  • Having strong relations with investors