Organisation at CastorX Capital



CastorX is a public company with limited liability incorporated in the Kingdom of Sweden in 2007 and founded by Hans-Åke Uggla, Magnus Månsson and Philip Wilkens.
CastorX’s group structure is designed to combine strategic control and operational flexibility.


Legal structure

CastorX Capital AB is the mother company in the group and the sole owner of

OOO CastorX, the local Russian management company.

OOO Gatchina Golf-village is the company through which the Gatchina project is

owned and operated.

Projects are operated and owned by wholly or partly owned Swedish holding companies which in their turn will own the local Russian project companies.


The objective is to generate attractive returns by building CastorX on a long-term basis and to reinforce its ability to identify, evaluate, acquire, structure, develop and realize projects as well as to build brand name, profile, culture, values, knowledge, know-how, investor relations and other structure capital.
Through the founders, staff and advisers CastorX has a broad network and a long and solid experience as well as a successful track record from the Russian property market. The company believes that this experience and network provide CastorX with unique access to market information and potential project investments.

CastorX Russia

CastorX will, through its subsidiary CastorX Russia, maintain a highly skilled team based in St. Petersburg. The subsidiary operates and implements the projects and enable CastorX to stay in close contact with the market, the development of the projects and to understand and respond to opportunities in a timely manner.


Senior Advisers

CastorX’s senior advisers are also an important component of its organisation and network providing regional, economic and political expertise to the board and management.


Investment strategy

The basic principle of CastorX's organisation and decision making process is that the operative decisions are made by the Russian organisation in close proximity to the St. Petersburg market by the persons who are the most familiar with local conditions and processes.
This leads to enhanced flexibility and sharpness, which will result to rapid and correct decisions and quick implementation.
This approach also leads to the creation of positive conditions for retaining the organisation’s innovative entrepreneurial spirit in the best possible manner.